"It's really too bad that so much crumby stuff is a lot of fun sometimes."

- J.D. Salinger



corrobboree n. Australian Aborigines' festivity and dance; any noisy gathering; uproar. © The Hutchinson Encyclopaedia

A corroboree is an event where Australian Aborigines interact with the Dreamtime through dance, music and costume. "Their bodies painted in different ways, and they wore various adornments, which were not used every day." Petrie, C.C. "Tom Petrie's Reminiscences of Early Queensland". Retrieved 2009-11-27. © Wikipedia 


This series was named by George Manby, a friend of mine who has had a lifelong fascination with all forms of communication and the various kinds of  language used to facilitate it.  He says, “I can sense the entities that Lin has created making a noise, both amongst themselves, and sent out to those who engage them.   In listening to them making this noise, a type of vibration I call a brrmur, I have picked up and picked out parts of their character and thus pieces of their names.  I have also looked at them and studied their physiognomy and seen their character reflected in particular features.  To me they are more than mere objects and are individuals; they are a group of individuals. In the English language tradition of naming numbers of animals with collective nouns, they have become to me a brrmur of kloogs.”


Materials used: clays, glazes, decals, and gold pen. Firing: electric kiln fired to1200 °C.

Approximately 9-20 inches in heights. Created in 2007-2008

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